Pterosaur Sightings East of Griffith Park, CA

In two separate sightings, two eyewitnesses in Los Angeles, California, reported flying creatures described like pterosaurs. The sightings were a little over a mile apart, both from drivers on the northbound Interstate-5 Freeway, just east of Griffith Park, near Glendale.

The sightings were ten weeks apart, with both eyewitnesses contacting me by email.

March 3, 2013, Sighting of “three dragons”

  1. Flying south at 6:10 a.m.
  2. Eyewitness was sure they were not birds
  3. No wing flaps
  4. Long thin tails had “triangular points”
  5. Observed in early daylight – “it wasn’t dark”
  6. Presence or absence of feathers: “I couldn’t tell, it was too quick”
  7. Was there a head crest? A: Could not tell
  8. Alone in the car, driving northbound
  9. Credibility verified by Whitcomb, but limited

May 13, 2013, Sighting of a “Pterosaur”

  1. Flying northeast at about 4:00 p.m.
  2. Eyewitness was “almost positive” it was not a bird
  3. No wing flaps
  4. Did not notice if it had a tail or not
  5. Observed in full daylight
  6. Presence or absence of feathers: “No feathers”
  7. Was there a head crest? A: “I did see its head crest” [yes]
  8. Alone in the car, driving northbound
  9. Credibility verified by Whitcomb, but limited


Observatory and planetarium on a high hill overlooking downtown Los Angeles, California - in Griffith Park

Griffith Park observatory and astronomy museum in Los Angeles

Photograph: courtesy of “Puck90”


Dragons or Pterosaurs in Griffith Park

How delighted I was, this past March, to receive an eyewitness report of three “dragons” flying over the I-5 freeway in Los Angeles! . . . How delighted I was, earlier this month, to received an eyewitness report of a “pterosaur” flying over that same stretch of freeway just east of Griffith Park!

Griffith Park “Dragons”

The three flying creatures observed  near Griffith Park, California . . . March 3, 2013, by a driver on the I-5 freeway were not  at first glance assumed to be birds . . . something like three kites . . . But the lady  soon changed her mind when she  saw the tails move.


Jonathan Whitcomb's third edition of "Live Pterosaurs in America" - nonfiction cryptozoology genre - sightings of "pterodactyls" still living

Live Pterosaurs in America – third edition (non-fiction cryptozoology)

From this nonfiction book about modern pterosaurs (page 96):

Where did we get the idea of pterosaur extinction? Early discoverers of pterosaur fossils had no knowledge of living pterosaurs; they assumed they were looking at the remains of extinct creatures, and that assumption has been magnified for two centuries. I believe that the idea was cemented into Western thought when Darwin’s General Theory of Evolution became popular in the nineteenth century, but search textbooks in vain for solid scientific evidence of pterosaur extinction, for the conjecture itself is more philosophical than scientific. It is an assumption.

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About Jonathan Whitcomb

Jonathan David Whitcomb, of Murray, Utah, (formerly of Long Beach, California) has written four nonfiction cryptozoology books (nine total editions), each one about eyewitness reports of living pterosaurs.
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