Marfa Lights Copyright 2010, 2011, 2012 Jonathan David Whitcomb American Ghost Lights Sightings of Marfa Lights Bioluminescent Creatures Flying Creature (Pterosaur) Dinosaur Birds Not all the strange lights near Marfa, Texas, are night mirages of car headlights Marfa Lights Viewing Platform (MLVP) at dusk They only appear a few times each year, but they always come back. Sometimes a ball of light seems to split into two, with a separation and eventual reunion. Some of the local residents refer to that kind of activity as "dancing." The few scientists who have observed and studied those lights have assumed a common explanation: non-living atmospheric conditions, perhaps triggered by underground seismic factors. But the assumptions have almost always involved something non-living. Mountains near Marfa, Texas The “Gitmo Pterosaur” of Cuba may be related to the nocturnal flying creature of southwest Texas, now believed to be the source of Marfa Lights A new interpretation in cryptyozoology: ropen-like pterosaurs in Western Texas A few American cryptozoologists, including the Californians Jonathan Whitcomb and Garth Guessman, and the Texan Paul Nation, have searched for nocturnal bioluminescent flying creatures described like Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs. For years, one or two Americans at a time would travel to Papua New Guinea to search for the elusive nocturnal ropen (also known as "indava" and "duwas"), with limited success in remote jungles. Only recently has it been considered that this creature, or one like it, seems to also live in North America, including Texas.  From a cryptozoology book on living pterosaurs “James was driving through Texas one night, late in February, 2010, on his way to deliver a boat he was hauling to California. Like many others drivers, he stopped at the Marfa Lights Viewing Platform, hoping the dancing lights would appear. . . . At 4:15 a.m. the sky was clear; the air, far below freezing. . . . he saw two pulsating lights, much brighter than stars . . . James noticed a color shift towards red but they were ‘80% white.’” (Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition, by Whitcomb) The more mysterious of the Marfa Lights have not been conjectured to be extant bioluminescent pterosaurs through photographic evidence, at least not as of mid-2011. But those Marfa Lights that behave as if directed by intelligence---those flying lights may be related to the flying lights that have been connected to sightings of apparent Rhamphorhynchoids, long- tailed pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea and to sightings of the “Gitmo Pterosaur” of southeast Cuba. Flying Predators in Texas  “They have recently been linked to flying lights in the southwest Pacific, lights that natives of Papua New Guinea testify are from large flying creatures.”