Cryptozoology Book Dinosaur Birds or Pterosaurs Dinosaur Birds                 Modern “Prehistoric” Bird                 Marfa Lights                 Pterosaurs in Cuba                  Email Contact Expanded third edition of Live Pterosaurs in America --- a cryptozoology book available on Live Pterosaurs in America, Third Edition “The British paleontologist Darren Naish wrote a long online blog page, dated December 23, 2007, titled “Pterosaurs alive in, like, the modern day!” Much of it describes old hoaxes and questionable reports. None of it even mentions twenty-first century explorers or the eyewitnesses they interviewed in Papua New Guinea. Nothing is said about World War II veteran Duane Hodgkinson or the psychologist-eyewitness Brian Hennessy or the Umboi natives Gideon, Mesa, and Wesley. No credit is given to my associates, Garth Guessman and David Woetzel, who constructed detailed questionnaire forms for eyewitnesses on that remote island. No credit is given to my associate Cliff Paiva, who conducted a detailed analysis of the video footage recorded by Paul Nation . . . No acknowledgement is given to the Australian scientist in Perth who observed and later described in detail a giant flying creature. No analysis of credible eyewitness accounts is even at- tempted by Naish.” (pages 103-104 of third edition) (And page 113 has a comment about Glen Kuban) Reply to a post by Darren Naish For decades, Eskin Kuhn has maintained that he did see two “pterodactyls” at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, when he was stationed there as a Marine. The above sketch was drawn by Kuhn in 1971. Part of Eskin Kuhn’s Cryptid Report “’The rhythm of their large wings was very graceful, slow, and yet they were flying and not merely gliding . . . The rate of their [wing flaps] was more like that of crows, perhaps a little slower, but very graceful.’ “The head was large in proportion, with a large head crest; the short ‘hind legs’ were attached to the trailing part of the wings; the vertebrae were noticeable; the end of the tail had a ‘tuft of hair.’” (From the appendix of this cryptozoology book) Copyright 2011 Jonathan David Whitcomb “I couldn't put this book down . . . I highly recommend this book to anyone!”  (StrangeDream, 10/11/11 review of second edition)  “Americans, for years, have reported obvious living pterosaurs, with sightings in Washington state, California, New Mexico, Texas, Ohio, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, Kansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Missouri.” Read the details for yourself in this nonfiction cryptozoology book. “He has focused on the accounts of witnesses who saw something, and that adds credibility. The writing is easy to read and he adds comments and analysis to make it all more useful. Mostly, the author lets the sightings speak for themselves, which is good. A worthwhile book.” (Red Rabbit, Nov 22, 2010; review of first edition)  “If you have an interest in cryptozoology you should read this.” (From Dale S. Reeder, Sep 11, 2009; review of the first edition) “I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in living pterosaurs.” (A Kid’s review on - for first edition) The author, Jonathan Whitcomb, has interviewed eyewitness from around the world. Live Pterosaurs in America introduces you to American eyewitnesses by giving you their accounts in their own words. Let human experiences be known; let the truth be heard, regardless of standard-model proclamations of universal extinctions of all species of pterosaurs. Some of them live. In the fall of 2011, after interviews with Jonathan Whitcomb, the eyewitness Patty Carson provided the world with her sketch of what she had observed many years earlier. Her account and sketch confirms the credibility of the report from U. S. Marine Eskin C. Kuhn, who also had observed this kind of flying creature in southeastern Cuba. Kuhn’s sighting of two pterosaurs was in 1971; Carson’s, 1965.